Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Thank you for wanting to volunteer at Maijazz and to make great cultural experiences together with us!

Registrationform for volunteering at Maijazz 2024 is closed.

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to frivillig@maijazz.no

As a volunteer at Maijazz, you get a unique opportunity to experience cultural life behind the scenes. You will take part in many exciting tasks, learn new things, make new acquaintances and friendships, and get great music experiences.

Maijazz is a renowned festival hosted by national and international artists, and every year we are dependent on voluntary efforts to let Maijazz becoming one of the finest cultural experiences for our region.

What can I do? – information about the different tasks:

You do not need to have previous experience, as long as you have commitment and a friendly smile.

Ticket/security (primarily at the concert venues Spor:5 and Folken)
At ticket/security, you will take part in tasks such as validation of tickets, security inside the concert hall, help with preparations and cleaning the venue, and answering questions from the audience. You are responsible for the audience being well taken care of and having a good and safe concert experience.

Artist host
As an artist host, you will be responsible for one or more artists / bands during their entire stay at the festival. You should make sure that they are well and have everything they need, and solve any challenges along the way. The artisthost must be familiar with the plan for transportation, accommodation and rehearsal schedule for the artist / band.

Concert coordinator (primarily at the concert venue Spor:5)
As the concert coordinator, you are responsible for ensuring that everything happens according to the plan at the concert venue. You are the contact person for artisthost / artists, technicians, the concert venue’s staff and other volunteers who work in connection with the concert.

Transport for artists (and instruments) to and from the concert venue, and other assignments. You must have a driver’s license minimum class B and be a safe and secure driver. Maijazz rents cars (primarily passenger cars up to 9 seats) and keeps fuel.

As a photographer, you take pictures of artists and concerts, and the atmosphere at the festival to promote the festival.

PR / media
Contribute to producing texts for promotion of the festival on social media, as well as publishing on social media.

Helps where needed with various tasks. Sometimes we need someone who can take hold and perform tasks at short notice.

What do I get as a volunteer in Maijazz?

  • Great music experiences and free admission to the concerts if seats available (depending on current capacity guidelines)
  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • A good social environment where you will be able to make many new friends who share your musical joy and commitment
  • Social gatherings before and after the festival
  • Food and drink on duty
  • Necessary training and guidance of the tasks to be performed
  • Insurance – Maijazz has employee insurance for all volunteers and applies when you are at work for the festival

What do we expect from you?

  • That you bring your biggest smile, enthusiasm and commitment.
  • That you show up at the agreed time, work agreed hours, and give us notice in good time if you have to change shifts or cannot show up at the agreed shift.
  • You must familiarize yourself with your shift plan, instructions and other information you receive, and respond to e-mail and telephone
  • You are sober on duty – it is not allowed to enjoy alcohol or other drugs when you are at work for Maijazz, and as long as you are wearing a volunteer t-shirt

When and how much do I work?

  • The shifts are normally divided into day shifts and afternoon / evening shifts (primarily afternoon / evening shifts)
  • As a volunteer at Maijazz, you work an average of 15 hours in total. This can be, for example, 1-2 long shifts or 3-4 short shifts

Safety and HSE
Safety is a shared responsibility and you must find out about fire extinguishing equipment, emergency exits, and general safety instructions where you work.

Maijazz shall be an inclusive and safe arena for all people who want to contribute to good cultural experiences for our region.

Maijazz is proud to be certified as an Eco-lighthouse, and we will help to minimize the environmental impact of the festival. Our business must comply with all requirements set by the authorities, as well as the requirements we have imposed on ourselves. Our ethical guidelines will create trust among our volunteers, the public, artists / musicians and partners, and we encourage everyone to be environmentally conscious.