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Welcome to Maijazz 2024. Stavanger 3. May – 8. May

Maijazz 2024

Warmest thanks to all of you… …who turned out and applauded the musicians into an encore, who took solo piano performances straight to your hearts, who open-mindedly went to concerts featuring artists you were unfamiliar with, who made musicians travelling from afar feel warmly welcome, who raised the roof in appreciation of subliminal saxophone extravaganzas, who smiled from ear to ear as the final notes gradually faded. Thank you to all of you for attending Maijazz 2024. We hope that you are as thrilled as we are following six sparkling May days! A huge vote of thanks goes out to the Events Committee and to all the vounteers who have given so freely of their time around the clock, and who have made it possible to stage the 36th. festival in a row. You are the very cornerstone of Maijazz! Thank you to all of the incredible artists who have demonstrated the powerful impact of music on us. Thank you to the production team for providing the lighting, sound and equipment enabling the concert-goers´experiences to be even greater. Thank you to all of the concert venues for their tireless hard work. Our sincere thanks also go out to our public and private collaboration partners who recognise that a festival depends on business in order to thrive and deliver. It has been an incredible festival featuring one amazing performance after another, ranging from considered and warm stage acts to pulsating, dancing beams of raw energy. Memories have been created by both established stars and those just bursting onto the scene. A hearfelt, resounding thanks to you all. You made Maijazz 2024! Let´s get ready to do it all again at our next Maijazz Festival, from 7th. to 11th. May 2025!

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Maijazz has the privilege of presenting the very best of international, national and local musicians within this timeless musical genre which we call jazz. Click here and you will find a list of all the great concerts we present for this years anniversary festival. We recommend to buy tickets online.

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About us

Maijazz started in 1989 - a well-known jazz festival in Norway and one of the Stavanger region's biggest cultural events and an important part of local cultural life.

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