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  • Fredag 12. mai
  • 20:00
  • Ogna Scene
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Intimate chamber jazz from Maridalen!

The jazz trio Maridalen takes its name from the scenic valley just north of central Oslo and consists of Anders Hefre (saxophone, clarinet), Jonas Kilmork Vemøy (trumpet) and Andreas Rødland Haga (double bass).

The trio released their debut album “Maridalen” in 2021 and the follow-up album “Bortenfor” in 2022, both of which were recorded in the old wooden church in Maridalen. The albums have been released on Jazzland Recordings and have garnered very good reviews both nationally and internationally.

Aftenposten placed the debut album on the list of “Best Norwegian of the Year”, while English Mojo Magazine placed it on “Jazz albums of the Year”. The follow-up album was also named on the list of “The best jazz records of 2022” in Dagsavisen.

The releases have resulted in major concert activity at home and abroad. In the past year, the trio has further established itself on the international jazz scene with concerts in Great Britain, the Netherlands and Romania.

Musically, Maridalen cultivates the acoustic sound with the warm sound of double bass, saxophone and trumpet. The trio explores how the instruments can complement and compliment each other sonically and percussively with three individual voices, without the help of any chordal instruments.

The somewhat unusual composition has helped to create a minimalist and transparent expression that fits well with the inspiration they find in nature. Although they always have the searching and improvisational attitude of jazz music, the storytelling, the collective and the melodic are still a cornerstone of Maridalen’s music.

Anders Hefre – saxophone, Jonas Kilmork Vemøy – trumpet, Andreas Rødland Haga – double bass

Time and place:
Friday 12th May, 20:00 at Ogna Scene