Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Join Britt-Synnøve Johansen, John Lilja and Johan Egdetveit's weird music world.

Britt-Synnøve Johansen, John Lilja and Johan Egdetveit live in a strange world, and they are aware of many scary people and animals. Here are songs about vampires, dangerous fish and a dancing crocodile. Although there are many scary things here, the smile is always lurking, accompanied by swinging tones that flirt with a variety of musical expressions. Transylvan 7-bar must be for the vampire song, and the crocodile thrives best in fierce swamp-steaming zydeco. How do you think the zombie song sounds? «Skakke sanger» is an inventive, original, exciting and brilliant children’s album… This is a release that the Spellemann committee for children’s records should take note of.» (5, Stavanger Aftenblad)

Spor:5  Saturday  May 29, 2021  at 15:00