Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Level 42 to Maijazz

When music fans the world over hear the name Level 42 they immediately think of the powerful lightning-fast bass playing of frontman and vocalist Mark “Thunder Thumbs” King.

His slap technique became a sensation in the 80s and the band a veritable hit machine with songs like “Lessons in Love”, “Something About You” and “Running in the Family” storming the charts.

Level 42 was formed in 1980 in London by Mark King, Phil Gould, Boon Gould and Mike Lindup, debuting in that year with the album “Love Meeting Love”. The early years were characterised by a powerfully funk inspired, danceable pop music with clear jazz harmonies. King, clearly inspired by jazz bassist Stanley Clarke, incorporated the slap style into pop music.

Since the band’s comeback in 2001, Level 42 have toured the world over and now have more festival gigs than ever before. King is still the heart and pulse of the band, although is now joined once again by keyboardist and vocalist Mike Lindup after a long hiatus.

Level 42 have released 11 albums and have sold more than 31 million copies worldwide.

Line-up: Mark King – lead vocals, bass; Mike Lindup – keyboards, vocals; Sean Freeman – saxophone, vocals; Dan Carpenter – trumpet, vocals; Nichol Thomson – trombone, vocals; Nathan King – guitar, vocals; Pete Ray Biggin – drums