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  • Torsdag 11. mai
  • 21:00
  • Folken
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Y-Otis is a playful quartet spearheaded by the Berlin-based Swedish saxophonist Otis Sandsjö.Their self-titled debut album was released in 2018, followed by Y-Otis 2, two years ago. Their style has been described as “a musical mosaic”, featuring fragments of hip-hop, electronica and jazz. It is masterfully and playfully brought together by Sandsjö and his co-producer/bass player Petter Eldh. As well as Sandsjö and Eldh, the public can look forward to hearing Elias Stemseder on keys and Tilo Weber on drums at this year´s Maijazz.

With tilted hip-hop inspired rhythms, dizzy sound collages, Sandsjö´s melodious sax-riff, floating synths and groovy bass, they have created a musical universe which is bound to have the public smiling and swaying. They succeed in doing this whilst remaining true to the jazz spirit at the very heart of the project. We are sure that Y-Otis will remain a lasting memory of a true party atmosphere amongst our festival audiences.

Otis Sandsjö – on sax, Petter Eldh – on bass, Elias Stemseder – on keys, Tilo Weber – on drums.


Time and place:  Thursday, 11th. May, 21:00 hrs, at Folken.