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Sverre Gjørvad Kvartett

  • Tirsdag 09. mai
  • 21:00
  • Spor:5
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A simple longing to make new music sparked a creative rush. Tonight, we celebrate the quartet’s fourth album in as many years.

In 2018 Sverre Gjørvad decided that perhaps it was time to release a little new music. It had been a while and he had, after all, composed some new material. What’s more, he was working with a group of musicians who all shared the same vision. Surely this all added up to some new music being dropped ? What followed was a landslide!

2019 saw the release of the album “Voi River”, followed closely by “Elegy of Skies” in 2020. “Time to Illuminate Earth” followed on in 2021 and in 2022, “Here Comes the Sun” was released. This means that Gjørvad has actually released four albums in four years.

This elaborate musical project sets out to tell musical tales from the far north of Norway, or tales from more southerly parts of the world, seen from a northern perspective. The desire is to convey a geographical typicality through the medium of music. The general public and the media alike have embraced the project, with outstanding reviews streaming in from home and abroad.

As they continue to play more and more concerts, and on the back of four albums, the Sverre Gjørvad Quartet has honed an unmistakable sound and style, starring renowned musicians from the north of Norway.

Herborg Rundberg – on piano, Kristian Svalestad Olstad – on guitar, Dag Okstad   – on bass, Sverre Gjørstad – on drums


Time and place:
Tuesday 9th. May, 21.00 pm at Spor: 5