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  • Fredag 12. mai
  • 22:00
  • Folken
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It´s Carnival, it´s sheer joy – and everyone is invited!

They turned Moldejazz upside-down in 2019, and now Sweden´s hottest live band is all set for Maijazz!

Louisiana Avenue is a firecracker of an orchestra whose infectious energy carries you to Mardi Gras without even having to leave your seat. Time and place aside, they manage to transport their audience on a musical adventure to the seething musical life of New Orleans, and it is not unusual for the evening to culminate in a gigantic Carnival parade!

They convert their audience wherever they go. The band´s charismatic front figure, Pär Stenhammar, beams as he leads his eight-man band, spreading love and madness through the microphone as well as the megaphone. It is clear that the group wishes to transfer the inclusive party atmosphere from New Orleans to our local latitudes. “Let´s go! All for one and one for all! (as political parties often say).

I’ve never seen this type of energy outside the islands I’m from – definitely not in Sweden! – Wyclef Jean

“Sweden´s best live band!”, writes Anders Pihl, of the music magazine LIRA.


Pär Stenhammar – on vocals, Hjalmar Leissner  – on guitar and vocals, Fredrik Dahllöf – on drums and vocals, Martin Wilhelmsson – on bass and vocals, Bosse Gustafsson – on sax and vocals, Leon Falk – on trombone and vocals, Isac Åberg – on trumpet and vocals, Marcus Fernholm – on keyboard and vocals.