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Mansur Rajih og Liv Runesdatter Ensemble

  • Tirsdag 07. mai
  • 17:00
  • St Petri Kirke
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Mansur Rajih and Liv Runesdatter have been collaborated for over a decade, and Liv’s music to Mansur’s poetry has been conveyed through more than 350 concerts in Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus, and in collaboration with musicians from Azerbaijan, Syria, Iran, Baluchistan, Palestine, Lebanon and Norway.

Mansur Rajih’s poetry is imbued with belief in human dignity, truth, freedom and love.

On stage we will meet two world-leading Arab musicians, both from Palestine. Today’s situation and the terrible war scenes unfolding in Gaza add new relevance and power to Mansur’s lyrics. “Likevel synger de” contains great emotion. Hope runs like a clue throughout the performance.

In this performance a musical universe is created where rhythmic, harmonic structures and ornamentation from the Ottoman Empire meet related harmonic structures from the folk music tradition in Vestfold, Norway.

It is quite a unique ensemble that guests St Petri kirke the Maijazz this evening!

Mansur Rajih – recitation
Liv Runesdatter – vocal
Ahmad Al-Khatib – oud
Torben Snekkestad – saxophone and clarinet (NO)
Youssuf Hbeish – percussionist
Harpreet Bansal – violin
Svante Henryson- cello