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Karl Seglem

  • Fredag 03. mai
  • 19:00
  • Spor:5
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In many ways, Karl Seglem is an original Norwegian musician. For many years, he has been gifting us ground-breaking music on the tenor saxophone and the goat horn, painting a soundtrack on the horizon which straddles jazz, folk music, world jazz and free improvisation. As a fearless artist and composer, he happily combines features ranging from acoustic folk music via jazz to electronica.

Karl Seglem has been an inquisitive artist for over 30 years. Folk music plays a central part in his music, but always with a new twist. He makes room for the rhythmic as well as for the meditative elements and has succeeded through his mastery of the saxophone and the goat horn in creating something utterly unique on the Norwegian and international music scenes.

The album “Mytevegar” is inspired by the myth of Balder’s passing in Norse mythology. Karl Seglem frames the myth in an eco-philosophical climate perspective, also featuring some of his own poetry.

Musical journalists from all over the country have outdone each other in their praise of Seglem’s “Mytevegar”. It has been awarded countless ten out of ten and nine out of ten stars. The journalist Jan Granlie (of salt peanuts) indeed wrote “this has become one of the most significant and forward-looking albums to date in Norwegian history.”

Karl Seglem – on tenor saxophone, goat horn, electronics, tuning
Erlend Viken – on fiddles, electronics, vocals
Andreas Løwe – on keys, Hallvard Gaardløs – on bass
Kåre Opheim – on drums
Alf Magne Hillestad – on percussion, electronics
Birk Nygaard – on visuals
Asle Karstad, on sound design