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Harald Lassen

  • Lørdag 13. mai
  • 20:00
  • Spor:5
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Saxophonist Harald Lassen´s colourful presence on the Norwegian jazz scene in recent years has definitely not gone unnoticed.

“Harald´s music is jazz, but jazz with a different shape and colour. It is the type of music which can only evolve from a free and open mind”, wrote the international music media when his third album entitled “Human Samling” was released in 2020. The same album was nominated for the Spellemann Award and went on to top several of the year´s jazz charts.

Harald Lassen has also featured prominently on the international stage with tours, top marks from the American jazz magazine, “Downbeat”, and by representing Norway at Jazzahead. He was spotted at an early age by jazz legends such as Jon Christensen and Arild Andersen, and has gone on to forge his own path through collaborations and by working with countless bands, ranging from the underground techno-scene in Oslo to Church music to commercial pop music. His international career took off with the trend-setting Indie jazz band named Pixel (2010 – 2017), whilst touring at the same time with the award-winning band, Mopti.

Flanked by his captivatingly soulful band, Lassen is set to make Spor 5 the place to be, a place filled with sheer joy.

Harald Lassen – on saxophone, Sander Eriksen Nordahl – on guitar, Solveig Wang – on keyboards, Bram De Looze – on piano, Stian Andersen – on bass, Tore Flatjord – on drums

Photo: Gedvile Tamosiunaite

Time and place:
Saturday, 13th. May, 20.00 pm, at Spor 5.