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Full Earth

  • Lørdag 04. mai
  • 19:00
  • Folken
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Full Earth is one of the latest additions to the experimental rock scene and is fronted by composer and drummer Ingvald Vassbø.

As a drummer, Ingvald Vassbø has helped to create exciting and dynamic rhythmic structures in a host of musical contexts. As a composer, He has experimented with various musical genres and styles, and his compositions can vary from melodic jazz pieces to more experimental, avant-garde works.

Vassbø has worked on many different musical projects and ensembles, including Juno and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, and his music has been performed at various jazz scenes and festivals, both nationally and internationally.

The band Full Earth explores music which has its roots in Terry Riley´s minimalistic organ and tape loop experiments of the 1970s, as well as extremely heavy fuzz rock. Their music has also been inspired by modern-day electronic music giants such as Oneohtrix Point Never and James Ferraro. In a loud and analogue fashion, insistent and patient, Full Earth plays music which showcases a transcending, enduring quality and stirs the collective subconscious.


Ingvald Vassbø – on drums and YC30 organ
Øystein Aadland – on Farfisa and keys
Ask Vatn Strøm – on guitars
Eskild Myrvold – on guitars, synthesisers, and Yamaha YC-30 organ
Simen Wie – on bass