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Dirty Loops

  • Fredag 03. mai
  • 19:00
  • Stavanger Konserthus - Zetlitz
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Dirty Loops are a fusion of unadulterated musical joy and Swedish dynamite coupled with a type of melodious capering which will leave you open-mouthed as you listen. Jonah Nilsson (keyboards and vocal virtuoso), Henrik Linder (a genius on bass), and Aron Mellergård (a Duracell bunny on drums), ooze energy with their generous doses of funk and jazz and pop and soul and fusion and gospel and electronica and disco and you name it…! At the start of their career, they made their name through fantastic cover versions of well-known tunes. They have since demonstrated their might through their own gutsy compositions. They have established a solid global fanbase, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this continues to grow after Maijazz 2024. If you can´t wait to be bowled over, just make sure that you are at Stavanger Concert Hall, Zetlitz, on Friday, 3rd. May.