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Dele Sosimi & Blåsenborg Rekreasjonslag

  • Onsdag 08. mai
  • 22:00
  • Folken
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Musician and composer Dele Sosimi is one of our most prominent contemporary ambassadors and mediators of Afrobeat! Ever since the 1980s, when Sosimi performed with Fela Kuti and Femi Kuti, he has been inviting people to dance and express their artistic creativity all over the world. With his impressive musical craftsmanship, he invites musicians and members of the public alike to experience this eclectic combination of suggestion and recreation. On 8th. May, no other than Dele Sosimi is the band leader and front figure for the coolest, most fun, most generous and most party-for-the-people-friendly ensemble in Stavanger, namely Blåsenborg Rekreasjonslag.

The line-up this evening is composed of:
Jens Borge – on bass
Gaute Granli – on guitar
Erlend Lygren – on percussion
Kristoffer Riis – on guitar
Adrian Tvedten – on keys
Raymond Lavik – on percussion (drums, timpani, snare drums…)
Kristoffer Alberts – on saxophone
Signe Irene Time – on vocals and percussion
Nils Henrik Asheim – on organ
Petter Frost Fadnes – on saxophone
Simen Kiil Halvorsen – on trumpet