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Bendik Hofseth Band

  • Fredag 03. mai
  • 21:00
  • Stavangeren
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When contemporary music and the most avant-garde jazz often place impossibly high and unrealistic expectations on the public, and the popular music threshold is too low, this band walks a tightrope and nails it.

The band accompanying Bendik to Maijazz this year is a superband. Each of the musicians has their own distinct and compound background, with each enjoying wide international recognition for their highly impressive CVs.

In addition to being excellent performers, all the band members are also composers and band leaders who have been highly successful in their own right. They have produced and been featured on some of the highest award-winning pop, jazz, and contemporary music productions. The special combination of expression and interpretation makes each and every concert a unique experience which cannot be repeated. This group represents a kaleidoscope which is perhaps better able than any other to demonstrate the power of music today.

Over the past few years, the group has released four works together in a project entitled “Forest”: “Roots”, “Trunks”, “Branches” and “Pollen and Leaves”. Here, they caper through every musical genre, yet showcase a clear and enduring signature style. The green transition is examined under a musical and artistic magnifying glass: What can each one of us do? How in tune with Nature are we? How does civilisation sound, how does Nature sound, how do humans sound? What are the possibilities, what are the challenges, what is the fear of separation, and what is romance?

The one and only Bendik Hofseth, famous for his characteristic delivery on both the saxophone and on vocals, leads this superband through a concert with substance. You will feel at home, yet you will be taken by surprise. Positively surprised. Just uniting this group together in concert is in itself a momentous occasion. Welcome!

Helge Iberg – on piano
Eivind Aarset – on guitar
Mats Eilertsen – on bass
Per Oddvar Johansen – on drums
Bendik Hofseth – on vocals and saxophone

Photo: Svein Erik Fylkesnes