Bendik Hofseth Band

Bendik Hofseth and his new band are coming to MaiJazz with a brand-new album.

Bendik Hofseth is set to release four new albums in 2020, collectively known as “Forest.” It´s release date is scheduled for 9th. November 2020.

The first of the four albums to be released is called “Trunks”, and this will take place at our very own May Jazz festival. Trunks is an instrumental album in which Bendik dedicates a tune to each of his band members and to those closest to him.

This is Bendik´s first concert in 2020 and one of only a few before he embarks on a major Norwegian tour in November.

Bendik has played extensively with all of his band members at various times.

The hugely talented guitarist, Eivind Aarset, featured as far back as 1991, when Bendik recorded the widely acclaimed IX, and the two musicians have been more or less playing together even since. Helge Iberg has lent his considerable keyboard talents to the album Planets, Rivers and…IKEA from 1996, bass player Mats Eilertsen made his first appearance on the 2005 album Itaka, whilst Per Oddvar Johansen has taken over the helm on drums since Paolo Vinaccia´s departure last year.

This will be a world premiere for several of Bendik´s compositions from Trunks, but we can also look forward to hearing some of his old classics in a modern guise.

We have 250 LPs included in certain ticket sales so don´t delay  !

Bendick Hofseth on saxophone and vocals, Eivind Aarseth on guitars, Per Oddvar Johansen on drums, Mats Eilertsen on double bass, Helge Iberg on grand piano.

Folken, Tuesday 5th. May, 19:00.


Folken, Tuesday 5th. May, 19:00

Tickets – 350 (album included) /320  NOK / Member SJF 270,- (included Album) NOK/ Students 200,- NOK


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