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Quatour Bozzini / Kim Myhr / Ingar Zach / Caroline Bergvall

  • Fredag 12. mai
  • 20:00
  • Tou
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A thrilling musical meeting between contemporary music and jazz!

At this Maijazz concert, composers Kim Myhr and Ingar Zach will present two separate collaborations with the French/Norwegian poet Caroline Bergvall. They have each composed a piece for an ensemble consisting of the Canadian string quartet Quatour Bozzini, Bergvall and the composers themselves on a 12-string guitar and percussion. Bergvall has written the texts specifically for both pieces, and she will perform them in person.

Kim Myhr’s  ‘Pressing clouds passing crowds’ is the longer of the two pieces, and was composed for the opening of the Festival International Musique Actuelle in Victoriaville, Canada in 2016. The piece was extremely well received by the media and was hailed by many journalists as one of the festival’s absolute highlights. It is lingeringly beautiful, with a sense of suspended gravity; it feels as though one is listening to one long 50-minute song, with subtle movements in rhythm and harmony creating an almost hypnotic experience. In 2018 the music was released on the HUBRO record label, and was featured on the radio programme ‘Best of 2019 So Far’, presented by Stuart Maconie on BBC6’s Freak Zone.

The evening opens with ‘The Lost Ones’ by Ingar Zach for the same ensemble. This piece was originally created with a duet in mind, but Zach had the idea of rearranging it for this very ensemble following on from Kim Myhr’s project. Bergvall adds to and elevates the work with a short, but brutally beautiful text, which mirrors the markings and the almost mercilessly static character of the instrumental segments.

Kim Myhr – on 12-string acoustic guitar, Caroline Bergvall – on vocals, Ingar Zach – on percussion
Quatour Bozzini: Clemens Merkel – on violin, Alyssa Cheung – on violin, Stéphanie Bozzini – on viola, Isabelle Bozzini – on cello.

“Insistent and Hypnotic”,
writes “All about jazz”.

This is a collaboration between Maijazz and Ny Musikk Stavanger.


Time and place:
Friday, 12th. May, 20:00 hrs., at Tou.