Torun Eriksen “Luxury and Waste”

Torun Eriksen and Kjetil Dalland duo project "Luxury and Waste" on mini Maijazz tour

The audience can look forward to experiencing Torun Eriksen’s amazing voice and sensitivity in unison, with all of the intimacy and closeness which ensues. Bassist Kjetil Dalland has worked with Torun Eriksen since she released her first demo recordings in the late nineties. In one sense, this is a delve back into the past to where it all started, searching for her own sound and sense of expression, taking chances and taking control. In another sense, this is a type of music which encompasses and looks to the future. This is a mature and confident artist, with a tremendous musical span. This is Torun Eriksen’s own personal world of jazz, pop and soul, both introspective and drifting, with pulsating rhythms and its own immediately recognisable stamp. Last autumn saw the release of the Luxury and Waste recording (Jazzland). We can now hear this music being played live and up close at the beautiful Ruins Church at Sola, as well as at Obrestad Lighthouse and Tungenes Lighthouse.

Torun Eriksen vocal Kjetil Dalland bass / guitar

Ruinkyrkja Sola Tuesday May 20:00   Buy Tickets  Ruinkyrkja Sola

Obrestad Lighthouse  Hå  Wednesday May l20:00.  Buy Tickets Obrestad Fyr

Tungenes Lighthouse Randaberg May .20:00  Buy Tickets  Tungenes Fyr Randaberg

Tickets  320,- / SJF members / Students 280,-

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