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A Tribute to Michael Brecker

Michael Brecker sadly passed away in 2007, long before his time. Michael Brecker was one of the most influential musicians of his generation, regardless of genre or instrument. Indeed, he was widely regarded as the most significant saxophonist since John Coltrane. Despite reaching just 57 years of age, Brecker left behind an enormous musical legacy spanning from a repertoire of jazz/rock fusions to minor jazz compositions, and featuring as a guest soloist on innumerable recordings with most of the very greatest American artists. It is quite simply impossible to be a modern-day music aficionado without having been directly affected by Brecker´s saxophone wizardry or by the 900-plus studio recordings in which he featured.

Petter Wettre transports Jørn Øien, Daniel Franck, Hermund Nygård and Hans Mathisen along with himself on an expedition into Michael Brecker´s multi-faceted musical universe and pays tribute to a musician who has meant so much to so many. In other words, this concert is set to be one of those “Were you there?” evenings which people will be talking about for a long time to come.

Petter Wettre on saxophone, Jørn Øien on piano/keyboards, Hans Mathisen on guitar, Daniel Franck on bass, Hermund Nygård on drums.

“Michael Brecker is the one and only reason why I play the saxophone!”

(Petter Wettre)


Spor 5, Wednesday 6th. May, 22:00 

Spor 5, Wednesday 6th. May, 22:00 

Tickets 300,- / SJF members 200,- / Students 200,-

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