Shobaleader One

New project from Squarepusher

Tom Jenkinson, also known as Squarepusher, isn’t just the most important “electro-acoustic-acid-techno-breakbeat-jazz” artist from the UK, he is also a world-class bandleader and bassist. Jenkinson made his breakthrough in the mid-90s, quickly becoming a drum & bass benchmark. Since then he has explored several aspects of digital music and is now poised with a new project – Shobaleader One. And what an amazing concept it is! The music can be described as a frenetic jazz-fusion with a hypnotic groove, on the outer limits of what is technically possible. Not least, the visual aspect is a big part of the band’s set, resembling a mixture of digital monks and a modern-day version of The Residents. Helmets, together with powerful lighting effects, underpin the musical experience. They are as groovy as Daft Punk, just a touch better. We look forward to presenting a band concept quite unlike anything we have showcased previously at MaiJazz.

Squarepusher bass, Strobe Nazard Keyboards , Arg Nution guitar, Company Laser Drums


Friday 12.May 22:00

ticket 400,-/350,-

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