Pocket Corner

Groovy freebag - challenging and catchy!

Pocket Corner is located in the landscape between composed material and improvisation. The music moves from dense “grooves” to open landscapes, and they have found their corner both in Norwegian jazz and also internationally.

Pocket Corner has a history dating back to 1986 in Norwegian jazz with many ensembles, and always with Didrik Ingvaldsen as the prime mover and bandleader throughout all these years. His trumpet playing has been compared to Enrico Rava, and among the many record releases we find music with impact and energy, searching and fearless, very precise and tough.

Didrik Ingvaldsen – trompet, Glenn Brun Henriksen – saxophone, Aleksander Grønstad – guitar, Ståle Birkeland – drums, John Lilja – bass

Spor:5 May 8  at 20:00

Spor:5 Saturday May 8 at 20:00

Bill 250,- SJF medl 200,- Studenter 150,-

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