Moon Hooch

From New York subways to the world festival stages

Moon Hooch from Brooklyn has a fascinating story. During their music studies, they started playing at New York’s subway stations. They quickly became an attraction. Now they are traveling from continent to continent  instead of from station to station in New York. With its unusual combination consisting of drums and two saxophones, the play an amazing combination of acoustic and electronic music. Their acoustic music  has a high dance factor and they manage to get a dance party feeling at their concerts. Moon Hooch is simply unusual and refreshing!
“There are catchy melodic hooks, funky rhythms, and at the same time lots of room for jazzy improvisations,” – New York Post. In October, Moon Hooch Aluminum released “Red Sky” for great reviews. Music critic John Flansburg writes: “There is not a band harder to describe or easier to enjoy than Moon Hooch!”


Moon Hooch is James Muschler, Mike Wilbur and Wenzl McGowe

Friday 04th May at 22:00


Billetter 400,- / 350- / 300,- / 200,-


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