Ketil Bjørnstad / Frode Rønli “The 30 Year War”

The Thirty-Year War “live” with Ketil Bjørnstad, Frode Rønli and band is coming to Maijazz 2020.

The Thirty-Year War is a double album by Ketil Bjørnstad and the Stavanger Ensemble which was released in October 1981. It was intended to be turned into a rock opera, based upon being born in the 1950s, growing up in the 1960s and becoming an adult in the 1970s. The album was a collaboration between Ketil Bjørnstad (lyrics and music) and the Stavanger Ensemble featuring Anders Bru, Frode Rønli, Øystein Eldøy and Knut Køningsberg, known collectively as Norway´s hottest band at the time. Frode “Froddien” Rønli was also highly instrumental in contributing material for Bjørnstad´s lyrics. The result was a legendary double album. The rock opera never came to fruition. But now, for the first time, key individuals in Stavanger have succeeded in convincing both Ketil Bjørnstad and Frode Rønli to create the perfect concert version of The Thirty-Year War. Its premiere will take place at Maijazz 2020!

Ketil Bjørnstad – lyrics/music/keyboards, Frode Rønli – vocals, Reidar Larsen keyboards, Alf Terje Hana guitar, Rune Arnesen drums, Jørund Bøgeberg  bass, Dominique Brackeva vocal and horn

Stavanger Konserthus – Zetlitz. Saturday, 9th. May, 19:00

Stavanger Konserthus Saturday 9th. May .19:00

Tickets  510,- / member SJF 450,-

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