Jaga Jazzist

Jaga Jazzist is coming to Maijazz 2021!

Jaga Jazzist has been around for more than 25 years and is still as exciting and relevant music collective as back in the beginning.

The band has visited Maijazz several times, including in collaboration with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

The latest release of Jaga Jazzist “Pyramid” was released in August 2020 and received brilliant reviews in the Norwegian and international media. The recording was made in just two weeks in a cabin in a corona-free Sweden in 2019. The result is a meditative harrowing sci-fi electronic acoustic post-prog jazz rock album, and has been compared to both Khruangbin, Giorgio Moroder, Thundercat, Neu! and Fela Kuti. Is it jazz? Is it rock? Who knows. At least there will be a myriad of acoustic and electronic instruments, and people who can really play the instruments! The main musical focus will be the band’s latest album “Pyramid”, in addition to the occasional old hit from the band’s rich musical archive. We are posting a limited number of tickets! And we are looking forward to experience this great band again in Stavanger during Maijazz!

Marcus Forsgren – Guitars + effects,  Even Ormestad – Bass + keyboards , Andreas Mjøs – Vibrafon, guitars, drums + electronic

Line Horntveth – Tuba + percusion , Martin Horntveth – drums, Lars Horntveth – Tenor sax, bass-klarinett, guitars + keyboards , Øystein Moen – Keyboards , Erik Johannessen – Trombone + pecusion  ​

Stavanger Concert Hall – Kuppelhallen

May 28 at 19:00

Ticket 400,- / members SJF 250,-/Students 150,-

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