Ingar Zach, Kim Myhr, Caroline Bergvall eith Quatuor Bozzini

A fascinating meeting between comtemporary music and jazz

This concert presents the composers Kim Myhr and Ingar Zach’s two different collaborations with the French/Norwegian poet Caroline Bergvall. They have each composed a piece for an ensemble consisting of the Canadian string quartet Quatuor Bozzini, Bergvall and the composers themselves on 12-string guitar and percussion. In the collaboration, Bergvall wrote texts specifically for the two pieces, that she herself is performing with the group.
Kim Myhr’s «pressing clouds passing crowds» is the longest of the two, and was composed for the opening of Festival International Musique Aktuelle in Victoriaville in Canada in 2016. The piece was well received by the press, and was by many journalists named one of the festival’s highlights. The piece has a contemplative beauty with a suspended sense of gravity; it is like listening to one single song for fifty minutes, where subtle changes in pulse and harmony creates a almost hypnotic forward drift. In 2018 the music was released on HUBRO, and was among other things included in Stuart Maconie’s radio program «Best of 2019 So Far» on BBC6. The evening opens with «The Lost Ones» by Ingar Zach for the same ensemble. The piece was originally a duo piece, but Zach got the idea of arranging out the piece for this ensemble, after participating in Kim Myhr’s project. Bergvall’s contribution to the piece if brief, but devastatingly powerful, mirroring beautifully the punctuations and the almost merciless statis of the instrumental parts.
Kim Myhr – 12 string acoustic guitar, Ingar Zach percussion, Caroline Bergvall voice and Quatuor Bozzini – Clemens Merkel violin, Alyssa Cheung violin, Stépahie Bozzini viola, Isabell Bozzini cello.
Program –
pressing clouds passing crowds (Myhr/Bergvall) – The Lost Ones (Zach/Bergvall) Music by Kim Myhr and Ingar Zach Text by Caroline Bergvall

Saturday May

Rimi Imir Stage at 15:00

tickets 300,-


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