In a Silent Way – New Year’s Concert

New Year's concert January 14 - We present once again the successful concert "In a Silent Way"

On February 18, 2019, it was fifty years since Miles Davis made the recordings, which in July 1969 were released in edited form as the album “In a Silent Way”. The album contained two tracks that were edited together from the total of 40 minutes of recording new music; “Shhh / Peaceful” and “In a Silent Way / It’s about that Time”, each in just under twenty minutes, which were placed on opposite sides of the LP released on July 30, 1969. Miles Davis took part in studio young musicians who have later helped shape jazz history – Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul and two young British musicians Dave Holland and John McLaughlin. Also present were his collaborators Wayne Shorter and Tony Williams who really left their mark on this “milestone” recording. The rest is history. This recording revolutionized not only jazz but also rock, pop and modern contemporary music. Many referred to “In a Silent Way” as a funk-rock experiment and the beginning of Davis’ “Electric Period”.

Maijazz believes it is important to present “live” jazz recordings which have made history within this particular music genre. The first project out is “In a Silent Way”. In order to do justice to this “live” recording of such significance, Mayjazz has commissioned a group of Norway´s greatest musicians:
Tor Yttredal – saxophone, Simen Kiil Halvorsen – trumpet, Frode Alnæs – guitar, Audun Erlien – bass, Svein Olav Herstad – keyboards, Stein Inge Brækhus / Raymond S Lavik – perc / drums.

Rolling Stone Magazine had this to say about “In a Silent Way,” November 1969…“But I believe there is a new music in the air, a total art which knows no boundaries or categories, a new school run by geniuses indifferent to fashion. Miles Davis is one of those geniuses!”

Stavanger Aftenblad – Great tribute to Miles Davis’ masterpiece. – Ok, it may not be very original, but oh my how fun it can be to hear a classic played by such good people.

Stavangeren Friday 14th. January  at 19:00

Ticket: 290,- / SJF member 200,- /  Student 100,-

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