Bugge Wesseltoft with Dan Berglund and Magnus Öström

Bugge Wesseltoft joins former EST members Dan Berglund and Magnus Öström to form a great new trio

This amazing trio had world premiere at Nattjazz in 2017. Now Bugge Wesseltoft , Dan Berglund and Magnus Öström are ready for Maijazz. On Wednesday 09th they enter the stage at Stavangeren as the last act at the 30th Maijazz. Bugge Wesseltoft has for av long time wanted to play in a new piano trio. What could be better than putting together a trio with his old friends Magnus Öström  and Dan Berglund. Bugge´s New Conception Of Jazz and E.S.T have a kind of parallel musical history dating back to the mid 90’s. In this new project, the three musicians will present a mix of jazz and progrock, anchored in Scandinavian roots with both acoustic and electronic instruments. In addition to operating the record label Jazzland, Wesseltoft has been a pioneer in modernizing electronic jazz music, while E.S.T was one of the biggest successes not only in Swedish music, but throughout Europe

Bugge Wesseltoft piano and keyboards, Dan Berglund bass, Magnus Öström drums

Wednesday 09th May at 22:00


 Tickets  400,- / 370  /  350,- / 300,-
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