Bendik Hofseth IX Band

Bendik Hofseth finally back at MaiJazz with his IX supergroup

Bendik Hofseth released his debut album IX in 1991, touring at that time with the same supergroup that you will hear tonight – reunited 25 years on.


For six years, Hofseth was king of the hill in pop/jazz in Norway. In parallel, he was a significant mover and shaker on the international jazz scene, taking over from saxophonist Michael Brecker in Steps Ahead. This era is now about to be revisited. The IX album was voted one of Norway’s all-time best by Morgenbladet in 2011. Its 25th anniversary was celebrated with a stunning special edition release in 2016, as well as a tour.


The 90s saw Hofseth filling concert venues in Stavanger. We see it therefore fitting to present him and his band once again for MaiJazz 2017.


Line-up: Bendik Hofseth – sax, vocals; Paolo Vinaccia – drums; Eivind Aarset (guitar), Knut Reiersrud – guitar; Audun Erlien – bass; Øystein Sevåg – keyboards; Reidar Skår – keyboards

Bendik Hofseth live


Stavanger Concert Hall, Zetlitz Room

8th May 19:00 ticket 450/400

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