Anders Jormin, Lena Willemark & Karin Nagakawa – Trees of Light

Trees of Light: exciting Swedish/Japanese collaboration from leading Swedish bassist Anders Jormin with Lena Willemark & Karin Nagakawa. Enjoy these Lighthouse concerts at Tungenes Lighthouse or Obrestad Lighthouse or at Elleens Utsikt at Sola Beach Hotel. All with a beautiful view to the North Sea.

On this new Swedish/Japanese collaboration project, Anders Jormin has put together a wonderful musical constellation. He is joined by Karin Nakagawa, one of Japan’s most preeminent virtuosos on 25-string koto – an instrument that is rarely played outside Japan – and Lena Willemark, with her roots in Älvdalen who has spread Swedish folk music for several decades.

Through the interplay between the classical Japanese tradition, the archaic sounding koto and Jormin’s muscular bass improvisation, a unique context is created for Willemark’s exquisite voicings in Älvdal dialect. Tradition and improvisation meet and new doors are opened as the Trees of Light trio perform music that is impacting, unusual and enchanting.

“Trees of Light is a fascinating album demonstrating the richness of the koto as an instrument. The meeting of Swedish and Japanese traditions creates new tonalities and expressions. While this is new and exciting, it feels nonetheless totally natural.”


Line-up: Anders Jormin – double bass; Lena Willemark – vocals and violin; Karin Nakagawa – 25-string koto

Anders Jormin, Lena Willemark & Karin Nagakawa

Anders Jormin, Lena Willemark, Karin Nakagawa – Trees of Light 

Tungenes Lighthouse Thursday 11th May 20:00

Obrestad Lighthouse Friday 12th May 20:00

Ellens Utsikt – Sola Beach Hotel 14th May  13:00

Tickets NOK 380/330

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