Do you want to join Maijazz as a volunteer?

To make great festival experiences we depend on volunteers for different tasks. If you want to be a volunteer, Maijazz is a wonderful opportunity to experience the cultural life and festival from the inside, and do something important and meaningful. In MaiJazz you will be able to participate in many exciting tasks, learning something new create new acquaintances and friendship, and get many amazing musical experiences.

Maijazz is a well-known and recognized festival and host of many national and international artists, and we have a constant need for volunteers. Every year, there are around 150 volunteer volunteers that help Maijazz become one of the year’s finest jazz experiences for the region.

As a volunteer at Maijazz, you should be assured that we follow all restrictions for infection control that apply at all times. We will continuously implement necessary measures so that we maintain a good and safe environment and experience for all volunteers, artists and audience at all times.

What can I contribute / do in MaiJazz?
We are fortunate enough to find that many people join as volunteers year after year, while we still need more volunteers. As a volunteer you can contribute to several different areas such as ticket and security, stage/crew, catering, transportation, artist hosting, concert manager, PR, office/accreditation, and photographer.

Due to Covid-19, there will be changes in both tasks and benefits for our great Jazzistents.

What do I get in return for beeing a volunteer in Maijazz?

Great music experiences and free admission to the concerts (if seat available) with your festival pass
Festivalpass at minimum 4 shifts
This year’s volunteer t-shirt
A good social environment where you will be able to get many new friends who share your interest in music and dedication, as well as social gatherings before and after the festival
Food on duty
Necessary training and guidance of the tasks to be performed

What do we expect from you?
That you make the most of your smile, enthusiasm and willingness to work.
That you show up to agreed time and work scheduled hours, as well as give notice if you need to change shifts or cannot meet on agreed shift.
You are sober on duty·
That you are updated on information that is being sent you, and that you are answering phone and email when necessary.

When and how much do I work?
To get a festival pass you must work at least 4 shifts. If you want to work more then you will of course get to do that!
Those who work 3 shifts receive a volunteerticket for one shift that gives access to an optional concert if seat available. The volunteer ticket can only be collected after you have finished your shift.
The shifts are normally divided into dayshifts and afternoon/evening shifts.
If you pick up the festival pass and do not work the agreed number of shifts/hours it is considered as a purchase of the festival pass and you will be charged for the festival pass (p.t. NOK 1500, -).

Do you have time to spare?
Please contact us and we will always find available shifts and opportunities to spread the happy message of the festival. We also offer meaningful leadership positions for those who want responsibility and experience. Please invite other friends and and family to report their interest. We look forward to seeing you!
We would love to hear from you if you want to be volunteer during this year’s festival. See application form on the page. Send an e-mail to if you have any questions. 

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